Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today my little girl turns two! Oh what an amazing two years it has been! Gracie,
Your daddy and I were so blessed to have a little girl with such a happy disposition! We are so proud of the little lady you are becoming! We love you so much!


Mommy & Daddy

Friday, May 15, 2009

On Call = Lonely Nights

So, Joey has been on call for almost 2 weeks. I write this with melancholy fingers... Joey being on call is tough for us. It is so hard to be apart. I hate sleeping alone and it is tough on Gracie to not get to see her daddy before she goes to bed.
Joey is on call every third week, but often has to cover for the other residents when they are out of town or busy doing other things. Every time Joey is on call, I have a minor emotional breakdown! It is one whole week of bathing, feeding, playing, and parenting on my own. I have been blessed with a husband who helps, at least a little, where Gracie is concerned. He typically gives her a bath in the evenings while I take a few minutes to myself. These few minutes are much needed!! I often spend the time regrouping after all of our dinner ends up on the floor or all the dog food has been mixed with water and poured all over the couch. Needless to say, I need these bath time minutes!!
I am regretting typing all of this, I do know there are lots of women how lose their husbands for weeks, months, & even years at a time. I have an enormous amount of respect for them! I couldn't do it! I have been spoiled! God has given me a wonderful husband that has worked tirelessly to have a good job. It just sucks that that job interferes with our sleeping arrangements on occassion and infringes on my peaceful bathtime minutes! {oh I am rediculous!}
Okay, I am done venting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

SO I am a little behind due to illness and travel, so I am going to post all the info I can in one blog.Here goes!!
First things first! Jaxson Evan Bartlett was born on May 7th!! He weighed 7lbs. 2 0z. He is a cutie!! I won't post pictures ( A. because I don't have any downloaded yet and B. because I will let Holly show her new baby to the world when she is ready.)
Ok Next thing!
Happy Birthday to My little sisters Hannah and Katy!!

Hannah turned 9 on May 6th!

Katy's Birthday was May 7th.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little sisters!!

and finally, Happy Mother's Day! I Love Mother's Day!! I spent mine with my favorite mommies on the planet! I love you mom, grandma, Holly and Katy!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu...Seriously??

I am trapped in my house for seven days.... I feel awful!!...and when I say awful, I mean "I am praying that I don't die in my sleep" awful. I have the flu. I am waiting to hear if I have Swine Flu. You may ask, "How does she not know??" Well, the test takes 4 days to get back from the lab.
How about I start from the beginning. I went home to my mom's house for a baby shower two weeks ago. While I was there, I went across the street to take pictures of our neighbor in her prom dress. Well, her little sister had swine flu!! We didn't know it at the time, of course, but she eventually was diagnosed with it a few days later. A few days too late for me. You see, I went back to the neighbor's house the next day to get all the details about prom, and stayed for a few hours, giving swine flu plenty of time to infiltrate my weak body. BOOO! (My body isn't totally up to par when it comes to fighting of bacteria,viruses, or disease because I had mono in junior high.)
Anyway I went to the doctor on Thursday and they practically laughed at me when I demanded a swine flu test. The nurse went on and on about how it is limited in supply and how the test is quite painful....I didn't back down, I mean, Gracie could get it!! So, the gave me the test. The had to swab my nose.( but when i say they swabbed my nose, I mean they swabbed my brain via my nasal cavity. )The nurse was NOT lying about it being unpleasant.
Once the test was done and everyone knew I at least had the flu, the staff at the doctors office changed their tune. LOL! Every nurse that crossed my path wore a mask. They made me wear one too. So now I am in Quarantine. I can't leave my house for seven days. I am on Tamiflu (that kills swine flu), so is Gracie and Joey. Needless to say, we are all feeling like caged animals today. Joey can go back to work on Monday, Gracie can go back to school on Monday, but I am STUCK (and i still feel awful)!!