Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Patience & Blessings

Today I had an epiphany! (is that how you spell it?)

So, most of my readers know that I have had 3 miscarriages in the past 2 years. It has been so difficult for me to heal and move on. Miscarriage is an indescribable loss! Well with the support of my sweet husband, precious daughter Gracie, family and friends, I feel like I have finally climbed out of all the sadness. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks! I will always mourn my babies, but today, I know that God has a plan. This is a quote that I have heard over and over again throughout the past two years. I must be honest, I hate that saying!! I have really struggled with that, but hey, that's another blog. On to my epiphany!!

I just finished reading one of my favorite blogs, Beth & Company. If you are a mom and you don't read her blog, you should!! No one writes a more honest portrayal of how we feel as moms. Anyway, Beth just had her second Baby. A girl. She has two little girls now! A set of Sisters!! To have a sister is one of the most precious gifts God has give to me, and I have been desperate for Gracie to have one as well. Well this is where my Epiphany happened... I was looking at the beautiful pictures Beth has posted of her sweet girls and I thought, " What blessing, Carter is old enough to remember the day her little sister was born. She is old enough to understand, she was is old enough to dream of her little sister to be. God truly had a plan for Beth, Nate, and little miss Carter. The timing was perfect. Carter is going to be a great big sis.

So my Epiphany?? Here it is: God truly does have a plan. He also works on his own time, and from the looks of my friend's blog, His timing is always perfect. Thank you Beth. God has been trying to show me that His time is perfect for a while now. I finally got it!

I may not have another baby this year, or ever for that matter. God only knows, but eventually, one way or another God will give little Gracie a sister, and when He does, Gracie will be up for it! She will just the right age to qualify for sisterhood (no matter how old she may be)!


Beth said...

Sarah, this is so sweet. I'm so glad that God could use our new addition to give you a little vision of what is to come for you and your sweet family. I spent a lot of time over the course of the last couple of years worrying over the "timing" of things...but it could not be more true that His timing is perfect. I am so sorry for all of the loss you have experienced, but so proud of the way you have pushed through it. May God's perfect timing bring all that you desire for your family. Much love to you.

full of gracie said...

Thanks Beth!

KMRoberts said...

Beautiful! You are so right! HE does have a plan...the roads that lead us there are not always easy but it gets us there :) Love ya!

have a lovely said...

precious post sarah...speaks from a heart that has walked through and made it to the other side. i'm thankful to know that your aching heart is feeling whole a whole new way.

katy said...

you are correct and have opend my eyes and made my day better by reading this post! you are the best sister ever and gracie will be as well one day but for now she can be the best cousin! i know its not a sister but i know canyon will love her as one!