Friday, January 29, 2010

Something Fancy

My little Gracie started dance two weeks ago. She loves it!! They offer it once a week at her preschool. She has talked nonstop about dancing at school since she started, so Joey and I went with her this morning to watch our tiny dancer in action.
It was so Precious!! Gracie was quite shy while we were there, so we snuck out to watch through a window. She perked up once she thought we were gone.
I think this was by far the cutest thing I have ever seen. All the little girls were dressed in their dance leotards and tutus, and they were wearing their tap tappy shoes.
Well, all of them but one.
Gracie doesn't have a dance outfit yet... I felt like the worst mother ever! Here I am, the boutique mom of the group, and my baby didn't have on anything that resembed a rhinestone, sequine, or sparkle!! She told me last night that she needed something Fancy! Well, thats gonna change quickly!!
So, if anyone has any suggestions on where to find the cutest dance outfit ever, let me know!! I am desperate for one!!


have a lovely said...

ahh!! gracie's a dancin' girl!! when you find that fancy outfit you must show use her twirl!

thank you so much dear! i hope all is well and wonderful with ya'll too! give joey our hellos and kiss miss gracie for us!

oh...i keep meaning to email you...i love love love your card...adorable!!!

katy said...

oh her sweet aunt katy will go buy her one asap! poor baby! no wonder she hasnt liked you lately! shes trying to tell you to stop slakin! go buy that baby an outfit